Saturday, 2 May 2015

Day 2: This may actually be a tour

We set out on the open road a second time yesterday, and for real we aren't coming back this time! Destination: Boston, a city that none of us likes very much, but we ended up pretty pleasantly surprised.
This is what a lot of tour looks like.
Eli escaping his captivity through slumber.
Boston is one of the longer drives on tour, and it was kind of freaking Alex out. Fortunately, we drove through New Hampshire, so we got to stop at one of that great state's absurdly cheap liquor stores. Live drunk or die!
Eli's feet love feeling the wind in their hair. Alex is not a great fan of them being so close to his head.
We played an art/DIY space in a Cambridge industrial district imaginatively called Industry Lab. It was a cool joint. We're a solid two for two on venues so far. Apparently their landlord is gonna make them stop having shows soon though, which is kinda lame.
Industry Lab. More people showed up by the time we played.
We were opening for Palehound, who I am told is semi-famous in some circles? Before us played Trophy Knife, a pretty intense guitar/floor tom and screaming noise duo. Flagland played after them. They were pretty dope, and I think shared some philosophical/musical aspirations with the Comet. I appreciated that their guitar player progressively undressed throughout their set, and that they closed with a mini rock suite of like ten one-minute long movements. It was cool.
Industry Lab, darker. Palehound visible through trees.
We once again had no pre-planned place to sleep. This 50ish-looking dude was trying really hard to get us to come to his house to start up an "after party." He showed us pictures of his hot tub. We were not down. Instead, we crashed at a nice dude named Andrew's apartment. His pad was sick. He made us pancakes.
Morning at Andrew's.
Next stop is New York City. We have a three-day vacation in the big shitty before we play our show. I will not blog about myself hanging out, so stayed tuned for the next installment in a few days after we play.

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  1. I am expecting more photos of eli sleeping on things