Thursday, 7 May 2015

Day 4: Small Town Livin'

Yesterday we drove to Kutztown, PA, a place none of us have ever been before. I think we will go again soon.
We have picked up an Irmak for this stretch of tour.

Kutztown is so fucking great you guys. I love New York and all, but it's been really nice escaping the noise and grime of the city to go to a nice plant-laden small town with cute houses.
View from the house we played. I predict someday that train station will serve artisanal coffee.
We played at and slept in Spaghetti house, a dope railroad apartment in a nice old building close to Kutztown's main street. The guys who live here play in a great band called Ghost Dads that plays pretty out there experimentalish punky music. They treated us so well too!
Spaghetti house, from an angle designed to make it look imposing.
Spaghetti house, interior
Quite a few people showed up to our show, and the energy was really great. During Ghost Dads' set the crowd erupted into a mosh pit instantaneously. Folks here seem to be really supportive of the local scene, and it's really paying dividends.
Ghost Dads from a very great distance.
Cool basement. I broke a lamp in this room. Sorry guys!
We hadn't played a basement show in so long, and it was marvelous! The energy was palpable, and people were digging our shit super hard. We sweated a lot. Eli got shirtless, which he swore he would never do again.
Image courtesy Taner Photography, LLC.
Airing out my gut.
The next day the Ghost Dudes brought us out for breakfast and regaled us with tales of the Lynchian weirdness that us city folks always imagines to be hiding behind the cuteness of small towns.

Next stop DC.