Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Tour Day Scrapple: Blogsylvania

After the disappointment of Baltimore, PA really needed to treat us well to lighten our spirits. And it did!

First off, Philly, my hometown. We stayed with my lovely parents and collaborated on a vegan Mexican feast with them. We've been eating Mexican constantly on tour tour because of its veganability for Eli.

We played at the Mile High House, a show house just a block or two from Temple Campus. Temple kids seemed really into us. My friends from home came!
I don't know what my hand is doing in this picture.
My Mom! And the Nicks. Zeke had fled the scene by this point.
Can you tell my dad was the one taking pictures?
The next day, we journeyed to Pittsburgh, which was a long-ass drive that tired Alex out. Pretty though. The Borg was one of our best shows on the last tour so we were pretty excited to play.

Our show was at my friend Nick Tannen's house. He's a super swell dude and has been a gracious host to us both times in the Borg. A pretty nifty punk band called Bat Zuppel played first, and then a math-rock duo called Hi Deaf. A lot of the crowd was made up of people who had seen us last time and were coming for seconds. We have fans!
Led Zuppelin.
The basement.
Tannen played drums in a project after us whose name I fucked up every time I tried to say it.
After the show, a kind lady named Robin took us to a Mexican place that has half-price food after 11. We gorged ourselves.

Robin kept trying to take Instagram selfies while we ate. Little did she know I take the best group selfies!

We had a day off in the Borg because of shows falling through, which was great. We got to run away from each other and decompress. I chose to read in the park. I made the right choice.

Pittsburgh's regional yellow beer. Didn't know it existed, but was excited to find it. We've been trying the regional yellows from everywhere on tour. Preliminary ranking so far:
Narragansett (New England)
Iron City
National Bohemian (Baltimore)
Yuengling, a PA regional cheap beer, would top this list but does not count as yellow beer due to its amberness.
Today we play on Pittsburgh's own WRCT, then drive to Oberlin to perhaps play at another radio station. Press!

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