Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Day 3: Bright Lights, Big City

After Boston we descended to New York, a controversial city within the band. Me and Eli love it, but Alex has such disdain for it that I remember him sort of advocating for us not to play a New York show this tour. Eli and I told him that was silly.

We had a three-day break in New York before our show, which I think was nice for all of us. Even when you like the other folks in your band, the forced closeness of tour is crazy-making after a while. You can only marinate in each other's farts for so long.
Where I stayed in the Lower East Side.
Sunday brunch, NYC's true religion.

We each band-cationed in our typical style. Alex fled the city to hang with his parents in New Jersey, Notta Comet's spiritual home. Eli did low-key chilling in Brooklyn. I went to a Sissy Nobby show, barbecued, and also took the train to Jersey to see my girlfriend.
Grilling in Brooklyn.
Steve, my most photogenic friend.

The show was at Trans Pecos, a newly legitimate venue on the border between Queens and Brooklyn. It was super nice inside, which you will unfortunately not be able to see because I forgot I was the social media dude. We played with Advertising, swell guys we brought up to play in Montreal one time. All of our respective New York friends came to the show, so we had a very sympathetic crowd.

It was not our greatest set last night. We had been worried the band-cation would make us rusty, and it definitely did. I had fun because I played okay and got to yell inanities at the crowd, but the other dudes seemed kinda bummed after the set.
This lion was the only thing I managed to take a picture of the night of the show. Shout outs to my Dad's blog, Lionspotting.

After we played I had to run away from the venue to find a bar with wifi so I could do some work. I have a writing job where the publication sends me topics at 11 pm and requires their completion by 1, which leads to some ridiculous situations on tour.

After working, I went to a Dominican joint called La Isla with my New York friends and had legitimately one of the most memorable meals I've had in a long while. We got stewed tongue, blood sausage and tostones, and they were motherfucking sublime. Why does the Big Shitty get to have all these nice things?

Next stop Kutztown.

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